Environmentally Friendly Soy Based Ink

Soy-based ink

Soy ink is considered to be more environmentally friendly than traditional inks. The soybeans from which it is produced are a renewable resource. The product itself reduces hazardous air pollution arising from VOCs (volatile air compounds), the gases which are emitted into the air in the printing process, and which also occur when changing cleaners […]

The Feel of Different Paper

The feel of different paper

The feel and look of paper breaks down into four general categories: Gloss – A reflective sheen. This is the most common paper type for commercial use. Silk – A modern coated paper. It’s silky smooth and is coated, but has a low sheen. Uncoated – There’s no visible coating on the sheet to help […]

What Paper Should We Used for Planner?

Journal Printing

A planner combines with cover, end-paper, inner pages and tabs, also will add up folded pocket, kiss-cut sticker if customer request. Each combination use different paper stock. Let’ s see what paper used to make planner cover! First, cover always made by 157gsm C2S glossy art paper stick with 2MM gray board and 120gsm wood-free […]

Premium Leather Cover Notebook

Notebook Printing

The style of the notebook is very diverse, not only the content, but also the material of the cover is more and more diversified. In addition to paper cover, you can use plastic, leather and other materials to do the cover. In addition to paper notebooks, the most popular should be leather notebooks, which many […]

The Production Process of Custom Children Board Book

Children's Book Printing

Custom board books is the most common book type of the custom children books, its biggest advantage is durability, normally the page thickness of the custom board books will be much thicker than the common books, so it is very good for children who wants to read the books again and again.The production process of […]

Hardcover Book Production Process

All kind of products will have its relevant procession step, only in this way we can finish the products step by step. So this article is mainly telling the procession step for Hardcover book. As you know there are many kind of hardcover book, and their procession step are mostly the same. Now let’s learn […]