Print on Demand vs. Offset Printing for Children’s Books

How to choose between Print on Demand (POD) and Offset Printing for your beautiful children’s books? To make the best choice for it, we should understand what Print on Demand and Offset Printing are. What is Offset Printing? Offset printing, also known as lithography, is a traditional the leading choice for producing high-quality books. Typically, this has been the […]

What Kind Of Paper Is Best For Text Books Printing?

What kind of paper is best for text books

It is important for the overall quality of your text book to choose a right type of paper. First of all, you need to decide about the binding type of your text book. Paperback, saddle stitched and hardcover are the most popular binding types for text book printing. In the following part, we will give […]

What Type Of Paper Is Best For Catalogue?

Jewelry catalogue printing

Why it is important to print a catalogue for your company, product, and service? A catalogue allows you to showcase your products and services in an intuitive method, in the meanwhile providing beautiful visuals and content that let your customers know what your brand can deliver. It also helps strengthen your brand and give your […]

What Kind of Paper Should We Use for Children’s Books?

Paper for different children's book

Choose a right type of paper is a key part of the overall quality for your children’s book. First of all, you need to decide the binding type for your children’s book. Hardcover, paperback, saddle stitched, and board book are the most popular binding types for children’s book printing. Different binding types use different paper. […]

How To Print My Own Planner?

planner printing manufacturer

It will be easy to print your own planner with the following guide from Gobook Printing. STEP 1: You need to have a general idea about what kind of planner you would like to make. If you are unsure about it, please see below specification suggestions and planner examples for inspiration. Planner Specification Suggestions – Size: […]

What Kind of Paper Is Best for Children’s Books?

Paper for different children's book

Gobook Printing is one of the leading professional printing factories in China. We have been specialized in children’s books printing for many years, and we are glad to offer our free book printing consulting for you. You can contact us and look for more book printing examples on our website Choose a right type […]

Six Common Paper Types

Raw paper in reels

1. Glossy Coated Paper (Also called glossy art paper) Gloss-coated paper boasts a shiny surface, making it suitable for printing book cover and inner pages, brochures, flyers, etc. This is a most common used paper for color printing. 2. Matt coated paper (Also called matte art paper) Matt paper is opposite to gloss as it […]

Environmentally Friendly Soy Based Ink

Soy-based ink

Soy ink is considered to be more environmentally friendly than traditional inks. The soybeans from which it is produced are a renewable resource. The product itself reduces hazardous air pollution arising from VOCs (volatile air compounds), the gases which are emitted into the air in the printing process, and which also occur when changing cleaners […]

The Feel of Different Paper

The feel of different paper

The feel and look of paper breaks down into four general categories: Gloss – A reflective sheen. This is the most common paper type for commercial use. Silk – A modern coated paper. It’s silky smooth and is coated, but has a low sheen. Uncoated – There’s no visible coating on the sheet to help […]

What Paper Should We Used for Planner?

Journal Printing

A planner combines with cover, end-paper, inner pages and tabs, also will add up folded pocket, kiss-cut sticker if customer request. Each combination use different paper stock. Let’ s see what paper used to make planner cover! First, cover always made by 157gsm C2S glossy art paper stick with 2MM gray board and 120gsm wood-free […]