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Raw paper in reels

Six Common Paper Types

1. Glossy Coated Paper (Also called glossy art paper)

Gloss-coated paper boasts a shiny surface, making it suitable for printing book cover and inner pages, brochures, flyers, etc. This is a most common used paper for color printing.

2. Matt coated paper (Also called matte art paper)

Matt paper is opposite to gloss as it is coated with a matt finish, to give the paper that isn’t shiny a preventing glare. 

3. Wood Free Paper (Also called offset paper)

This is the paper type same as copy in the office, but have more available thickness.

Mostly used for where needs writting, like notebook and greeting cards or children book.

4. Kraft Paper

Primarily made of softwood pulp, kraft paper boasts more strength, elasticity, and tear resistance than regular paper. Hence, it makes an excellent packaging material and is also used in manufacturing bags for shopping, sacks for groceries, etc.

5. C1S Glossy Cardboard Paper

Similar to glossy coated paper, this is a thicker paper which is used for book covers, business cards and paper boxes.

6. Special Paper

For special paper types, there could be some unique texture on the surface of paper, or the paper itself has a special color.

Commonly used in book cover, dust jacket and paper boxes.

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