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Hardcover Book Production Process

All kind of products will have its relevant procession step, only in this way we can finish the products step by step. So this article is mainly telling the procession step for Hardcover book. As you know there are many kind of hardcover book, and their procession step are mostly the same. Now let’s learn something about them and make ourselves more clearly.

For the hardcover book, what should be do for the first step? No worry. I will list out step by step, just keep patience to ready them carefully. First, is sending all your artworks to the CTP ( Computer to Plate, you can regard it as a design department, which is specialized in artworks adjustment and making plate and printing out the blue proof for check the artworks and page order if correct or not. This is one of the most important step for the hardcover book procession.

Second, if artworks is correct without any problem, then will print out the blue proof for the production department to check the page order and the artworks. If everything OK, then CTP department will make the plate for plate department to making the plate the hardcover book printing. Third, the production department will use the plate to text whether the plate can work or not, if not will remake a plate one more time. Fourth after the plate is perfect then will start printing. As you know, it only takes few hours or 2-3 days to printing all the paper for the hardcover book. And it will takes 3-4 days to keep the ink dry. Fifth, will start to mounted the cover. Sixth, After the ink is dry enough, then will start folding paper and gathering paper, then sewn the pages together in several sections and glue the H&T on the top and bottom of the spine. Then cut the inside pages to be correct size and then glue the cover with inside pages. Seventh, press the gap on the front cover and back cover.

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