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Is personal size planner the same as a6

Is Personal Size Planner the Same as A6?

No, personal size planners and A6 planners are not the same. While they share some similarities, there are key differences when it comes to dimensions and insert compatibility that set them apart.

As a professional planner manufacturer, I’ve experimented with both sizes extensively. And in this post, I’ll share everything you need to know to decide which one is right for your planning needs.

Is personal size planner the same as a6

An Overview of Personal Size vs A6 Size

First, let’s look at the dimensions of each:

  • Personal Size: 3.75′′ x 6.75′′ (95mm x 171mm)
  • A6 Size: 4.13′′ x 5.83′′ (105mm x 148mm)

As you can see, while relatively close in area, the proportions are quite different. Personal size planners are longer and more narrow. A6 planners are shorter and wider.

This size difference, while subtle, leads to lack of interchangeability between inserts. For example, if you try to use an A6 insert in a Personal planner, you’ll need to trim it to fit. Likewise for Personal inserts into an A6 cover.

The Pros and Cons of Each Size

Below I’ll summarize the main benefits and downsides of Personal Size and A6 planners:

Personal Size Planner


  • More insert options available
  • Slightly more portable than A6
  • Fits nicely in many purses/bags


  • Pages can feel cramped when writing
  • Fewer accessories like charms etc.

A6 Size Planner


  • Inserts fit popular planner notebooks (Hobonichi, Stalogy)
  • Wider format gives a bit more writing space
  • Lots of accessory options


  • Slightly less portable than Personal
  • Can be hard to find inserts

As you can see, both sizes have their merits. Personal Size wins on portability and insert availability. A6 offers more writing space and accessories.

Examples and Insert Compatibility

To give you a better visual for how these sizes compare, check out the photos below:

Personal and A6 size comparison

A side by side look at Personal vs A6 size

As for insert compatibility, here is what you can expect:

  • Personal Size Inserts: Will be too wide for A6 rings without trimming
  • A6 Inserts: Won’t fit Personal covers without cutting to size
  • A6 Planner Notebooks: Fit directly into A6 binders but not Personal

So when choosing inserts, be sure to get the size that matches your cover to avoid the need for modification.

Which Should You Choose?

So which is the best planner size for you, Personal or A6? Here are some quick guidelines:

  • If portability is paramount, Personal Size may be your best bet
  • If you’ll be using popular notebooks, go for A6
  • If accessory options are important, A6 offers more variety
  • Those needing max writing space do better with A6

My personal favorite is A6, as I love slipping a Hobonichi Techo notebook into the back pocket of my planner. But both sizes have their merits, so choose what fits your planning style the best!

If you have any other questions about Personal vs A6 planners, let me know in the comments section below! I’m always happy to help fellow planner fans make the best choice.

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