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Paperback Books Printing Service

Premium quality paperback book printing (also known as softcover book printing) at best prices. Gobook Printing can save you up to 50% for bulk orders, compared with your local printers.

Perfect bound softcover book is a lightweight and durable format for any book styles and genres.

Paperback books are popular for many book styles, including catalogue, children’s book, magazine, novel, cookbook, photobook and textbook. Paperbacks are made with a thick paper cover and the inner pages are held by flexible glue binding or sewing glue binding. Most of them are small and lightweight, making them easy to carry. Compared with hardcover books, they also cost less. For printing, all the books from Gobook Printing uses offset printing with the state-of-the-art equipments (Heidelberg printing machines). Contrasting with digital printing, offset printing provides much better performance with vibrant and fresh colors.

Whatever your requirements for your paperback books printing are, Gobook Printing can assist!

Paperback book printing

Very happy with the manufacturer. High quality and beautiful books. They listened to my request and provided solutions that matched both my budget and the client experience l wanted to provide. l wouldn't hesitate to trust them with my printing projects in the future.Very great! All the questions I had about paper quality and printing method were thoroughly answered. They provided me with alternative solutions, and guided me along the way for all print files. The book turned out great! I'm happy I got a sample because i can see it and feel it how It's going to turn out. Thank you!

— Baldeep, Author from USA

Paperback Books Printing Examples and Ideas

Gobook Printing has worked with many publishers, authors and schools each year to get their paperback books printed. 

Paperback Book Printing

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Paperback Book Printing

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Printing File Requirements

Save your file as CMYK instead of RGB. For both digital and offset printing, they will require the CMYK file. Learn more about how to convert the RGB file to CMYK file.

Keep the resolution of your images and document more than 300 DPI.

When the DPI is lower than 300, the printing content might come out fuzzy.

Leave 3mm bleed beyond the trim area of your file. 8 or 16 pages will be printed together on an oversized paper sheet that is cut down to size with the appearance that the image is “bleeding” off the edge of the paper.

Gobook Printing's printing expert

We’re one of the leading book printing manufacturers in China. As a professional book printer, we have the capacity to finish all the processes in our own factory, which guarantees that your books are under our special care at each step and strict quality control. For bulk orders, we use 100% offset printing on top-tier Heidelberg printing machines. That’s why we can guarantee your books will have the best quality on every page and across every copy.

Mr. He, Printing Expert