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Print on Demand vs. Offset Printing for Children’s Books

How to choose between Print on Demand (POD) and Offset Printing for your beautiful children’s books? To make the best choice for it, we should understand what Print on Demand and Offset Printing are.

What is Offset Printing?

Offset printing, also known as lithography, is a traditional the leading choice for producing high-quality books. Typically, this has been the most consistent technique for keeping the color of your paper book matching your printing file, making it ideal for print runs that requires static printing such as children’s books, company catalogues.

What is Print on Demand?

Printing methods, such as laser and inkjet, are known as digital printing. Unlike this offset, digital printing does not require plates, rubber or any of the complicated process. Simply put, it is the process of directly printing digital-based images onto paper using ink in either liquid or powdered form.

Advantages for Each Printing

1. Print on Demand (POD):

Fast turnaround times: POD provides turnaround times as fast as 1-7 days based on different book types.

Lower total cost for small quantities: If you only need a small quantity of children’s books, or want to test the market before printing in large quantities, printing on demand is cost-effective method.

2. Offset printing:

Cost-effectiveness in large volumes: Offset printing is a lower price per book when you print a large number of copies, usually more than 500. Unit cost decreases as quantity increases.

High quality: Offset printing offers superior print quality, which is essential for children’s books featuring color illustrations and high-resolution images.

Consistent color: Offset printing provides consistent and vivid color reproduction, which is essential to maintaining the integrity of children’s book illustrations and pictures.

In short, Print on demand is a great choice for small print runs, fast turnaround times, and cost-effective low batch printing. It’s especially suitable for independent publishers and those who want to test the market. Offset printing, on the other hand, is more cost-effective for mass printing, offers excellent quality and customization options, and is ideal for hardcover children’s books and projects with high quality printing requirements.

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