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The Production Process of Custom Children Board Book

Custom board books is the most common book type of the custom children books, its biggest advantage is durability, normally the page thickness of the custom board books will be much thicker than the common books, so it is very good for children who wants to read the books again and again.
The production process of the custom board books is different with the common books, because each sheet of the custom board books needs several paper mounted together. So when you have your own custom board books design and ready to print, it may will be better if you can learn how to produce the custom board books. In order to give you a better understanding of our production process, please check the production process of custom board books as below:

1:  Send us artwork of the custom board books.

2:  Then, our design team will do the CTP Prepress—blue proof confirmation (when we have the blue proof, we can send the pictures and videos to you to check if you need) —plate making —printing

3:  After printing, we will die-cut the cored line—folding paper—gathering—mounting—pressing—case in—pressing—cut the books to finished size—punch the round corners (normally the custom board books will need to be with the round corners which will be more safe for children reading) —QC inspection (There is QC inspection after every production process, and one worker will select at least 20% of order after packing before delivery.) —Start to packing if the books are qualified—delivery.

And for the material of the custom board books, the cover and inside pages material and thickness will be same of the common custom board books, the binding type is just the board book binding. But some clients will need the cover thicker and bigger, that binding type is the hardcover with board book binding.

So if you need to print your custom board books and want to find the suitable supplier to help you, please contact us at any time, we will always here and waiting for providing the professional service.

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